Facing in spanish

Frente a

pronunciation: fɹ̩enteɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

face6 = enfrentarse a, afrontar, arrostrar, encarar, hacer frente a, plantar cara a, padecer. [En la voz pasiva va seguido de la preposición (with)]

Example: Hungary faces far-reaching socio-economic transformation which will inevitably affect libraries as well.


» face + a barrier = encontrarse con una barrera, enfrentarse a una barrera, enfrentarse a una traba, encontrarse con una traba.

Example: The limitations and barriers faced by rural libraries and residents in obtaining the information they need and want are examined = Se analizan las barreras y las limitaciones con las que se encuentran las bibliotecas y los habitantes de las zonas rurales de consguir la información que necesitan y requieren.

» face + a constraint = enfrentarse a una limitación.

Example: Of course, a thesaurus intended solely for on-line display does not face the same space constraints.

» face + a crisis = pasar una crisis, enfrentarse a una crisis, hacer frente a una crisis.

Example: Calculated, moderate risk-taking in search of improvement and change must be the strategy of the dynamic librarian of the 1980s in the light of the crisis to be faced.

» face + a dilemma = enfrentarse a un dilema.

Example: Academic librarians today face a paradoxical dilemma.

» face + a gaol sentence = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: Most probably Bernhard will be charged with statutory rape, and perhaps face a gaol sentence.

» face + a gaol term = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: A 57-year-old West Australian man is facing a gaol term for importing child pornography.

» face + a jail sentence = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: A Herefordshire mother says she's facing a jail sentence for taking her daughter on holiday during term time.

» face + a jail term = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: Based on her crime, she could be facing a jail term of up to 15 years.

» face + a limitation = encontrarse con una limitación, enfrentarse a una limitación, encontrarse con una traba, enfrentarse a una traba.

Example: The limitations and barriers faced by rural libraries and residents in obtaining the information they need and want are examined = Se analizan las barreras y las limitaciones con las que se encuentran las bibliotecas y los habitantes de las zonas rurales de consguir la información que necesitan y requieren.

» face + an impasse = encontrarse en un impás, enfrentarse a un impás.

Example: The impasse facing many SLIS is that they have always been net importers of service teaching in the past and have very little 'currency' available to pay for imported expertise.

» face + an issue = afrontar un problema, enfrentarse a un problema.

Example: Personnel management is a critical issue facing library administrators.

» face + an obstacle = encontrarse con un obstáculo.

Example: Results of a survey are discussed and show that chemistry departments face major obstacles in implementing information instruction.

» face + an opportunity = tener una oportunidad.

Example: There will be a dramatic shakeout in librarianship but information scientists face a great opportunity to develop their skills by the opportunities afforded by the new technology.

» face + a prison sentence = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: He faces a prison sentence for having sex with minors and possessing child porn.

» face + a prison term = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: He is a prominent lawyer and human rights defender and faces a prison term on charges of supporting Kurdish rebels.

» face + a problem = enfrentarse a un problema, afrontar un problema.

Example: They both face the problems presented in attempting to provide a system for the classification of all areas of knowledge.

» face + a situation = enfrentarse a una situación.

Example: Faced by this situation a teacher who launches into the presentation of a new book without first doing something to settle the children down should hardly expect to succeed.

» face + a task = enfrentarse a una tarea.

Example: This article examines the burdensome task archival appraisers face in dealing with the typically massive files created by major censuses and surveys.

» face away from = mirar en dirección opuesta a, mirar en dirección contraria a.

Example: Instead she chose to kick start the show sitting down and facing away from her captive audience.

» face away from + each other = mirar en direcciones opuestas, mirar en direcciones contrarias.

Example: When Charles and Diana got married the Australian royal stamp had the couple facing away from each other, which caused much criticism.

» face away from + one another = mirar en direcciones opuestas, mirar en direcciones contrarias.

Example: Since the houses were designed to face away from one another, maintaining privacy has never been an issue.

» face + charges = tener que pagar.

Example: Users pay a fee for the equipment, but otherwise face no charges for use.

» face + charges = acusar.

Example: This article consider some hypothetical situations in which information providers might face charges of negligence.

» face + choices = enfrentarse a alternativas.

Example: The Green Paper on the financing of the public library service forces librarians to look closely at the choices facing them on how libraries of the future are to be funded.

» face + competition from = tener que competir con.

Example: The library is poorly sited outside the shopping centre and on the brow of a hill, and faces competition from adjoining libraries.

» face + criminal charges = ser acusado de un delito criminal.

Example: Another rota system operates in some magistrates courts, whereby a duty solicitor is on hand to assist people facing criminal charges who otherwise would be unrepresented = En algunos juzgados de asuntos menores el sistema de turnos es diferente pues siempre hay un abogado procurador de guardiay a mano para ayudar a la gente acusada de delito criminal que de lo contrario no tendrían representación.

» face + death = enfrentarse a la muerte.

Example: Librarians who have to choose between Congress and Dewey are in the dilemma of the proverbial lady facing death or a fate worse than death.

» face + differences = hacer frente a las diferencias.

Example: The immense cultural differences facing the professions tends to render comparisons valueless.

» face + difficult times = pasar dificultades, pasarlo mal.

Example: This may be a reason why the publishing industry is facing such difficult times.

» face + disciplinary action = expedientar.

Example: A supermarket worker who phoned in sick but then went out and posted pictures on Facebook is facing disciplinary action.

» face + felony charges = ser acusado de delitos graves.

Example: An elderly couple is facing felony charges after police pulled them over and discovered the Christmas presents they planned on delivering to their family were actually just 60 pounds of marijuana.

» face it = seamos realistas.

Example: The article is entitled 'Empty calories for the mind: the news might be sensationalistic, but face it, we're all interested'.

» face + legal action = demandar, interponer una demanda (judicial), poner una demanda (judicial), entablar una demanda (judicial), llevar a juicio, querellarse contra.

Example: This article examines the question of whether fee-based information service producers could face legal action, from dissatisfied customers, if the information product is found wanting.

» face + life = enfrentarse a la vida.

Example: The rock-bottom element seems to be the confidence in facing life.

» face + Nombre + head-on = hacer frente, tratar Algo sin rodeos, enfrentarse a Algo cara a cara.

Example: Both stress the need to face the issues head on, but prudently, by documenting the extent of the problem before meeting with the library director.

» face off = enfrentarse cara a cara, plantarse cara a cara.

Example: The two faced off, ready to battle to the death and when they engaged, the entire world shook with their might.

» face + Posesivo + demons = hacer frente a + Posesivo + miedos, enfrentarse a + Posesivo + miedos, afrontar + Posesivo + miedos, enfrentar + Posesivo + miedos.

Example: When her attempt at a normal life goes up in smoke, she must come to terms with her half-blood nature and face her demons.

» face + Posesivo + fears = coger el toro por los cuernos, vencer el miedo.

Example: By gathering up courage to face their fears, international contractors operating in China may begin to detect new possibilities of doing business there.

» face + pressure = estar sometido a presión.

Example: At the moment the printed newspaper has to face considerable pressure from new technologies.

» face + prison (time) = condenar a la cárcel, condenar a prisión, sentenciar a la cárcel, sentenciar a prisión.

Example: Landlords could face prison time for failing to check tenants immigration status.

» face + reality = hacer frente a la realidad, enfrentarse a la realidad, afrontar la realidad.

Example: But now we must face reality and embrace the memory of his spirit and his voracious lust for life, which will live on.

» face + stiff competition = enfrentarse a una fuerte competición.

Example: Turkish players will be itching to take another victory for their country, but they face stiff competition.

» face + the consequences = afrontar las consecuencias.

Example: These people put lives at risk and they should face the consequences of their unlawful actions if they kill people.

» face + the facts = hacer frente a los hechos.

Example: Cases keep discussion grounded on certain persistent facts that must be faced, and keep a realistic rein on airy flights of academic speculation.

» face + (the) facts = enfrentarse a la realidad, hacer frente a la realidad.

Example: This has, of course, always been so, but the facts have not always been faced.

» face + the future = enfrentarse al futuro.

Example: The article is entitled 'From strength to strength: Judaica collections facing the future'.

» face + the music = afrontar las consecuencias, aguantar la vela, dar la cara.

Example: 'Might as well face the music,' he said resignedly.

» face + the risk = correr el riesgo.

Example: Otherwise it faces the risk that the large investment required in creating digital collections will fail to realise a high return.

» face + the truth (that) = hacer frente a la realidad (de que), enfrentarse a la realidad (de que).

Example: The existential theme of this play, the need to face the truth that there is no meaningful life, may have been too much for its first American audience.

» face + tough competition = enfrentarse a una fuerte competición.

Example: The company had lost $3 billion, been forced to cut 16,000 jobs and was facing tough competition from low-cost airlines.

» face + trial = ir a juicio, ser juzgado, ser procesado.

Example: A woman who worked as a nanny for a couple was deemed fit to face trial on charges she stabbed two of their children to death in their home home last year.

» face up to = enfrentarse a, hacer frente a, encarar, plantar cara a.

Example: Together we need to face up to the challenges of the Information Age.

» face (up to) + a challenge = enfrentarse a un reto, afrontar un reto.

Example: While on-line systems possess the potential to fill a majority of Third World information gaps, they face tremendous practical challenges in these areas.

» face (up to) + a danger = enfrentarse con un peligro, afrontar un peligro.

Example: He thinks that if he doesn't see or face up to the danger there is no danger; he is safe.

» face (up to) + a difficulty = enfrentarse con una dificultad, afrontar una dificultad.

Example: This has been the case with newspapers which suddenly find that their audiences are both growing older and dwindling in size and they are facing great difficulty appealing to the new electronic generation.

» face up to + responsibility = hacer frente a una responsabilidad.

Example: Regrettably, some people have considerable difficulty in facing up to responsibility and they procrastinate; others become notorious for making snap judgments.

» face (up to) + the fact that = enfrentarse al hecho de que, enfrentarse a la realidad de que, hacer frente al hecho de que, hacer frente a la realidad.

Example: The fact must be faced that the world as a whole tends not to have a clue about the existence of the information profession.

» face up to + the future = enfrentarse al futuro, encarar el futuro, hacer frente al futuro.

Example: We must face up to the future and ensure that the unique value of the public library as a focus for community life are shared with others.

» let's face it = seamos realistas.

Example: Let's face it, personal grooming is the key to success, in business or in your social life.

» outface = decir la última palabra, acallar. [También escrito out-face. Pincha en para ver una lista de palabras que comienzan con este prefijo usado para indicar generalmente ]

Example: Feaver was not about to be outfaced and she retaliated with the view that time management techniques run counter to the ideal balance of concern for production coupled with concern for people.

facing = de frente, de cara a, ante, de enfrente. 

Example: Under the Highway Safety Code, cyclists must ride on the street, facing traffic.


» facing page = página opuesta. [Página opuesta a la que se está leyendo, normalmente la página derecha o impar]

Example: The countries are represented by letter codes that can be found in the corresponding table on the facing page.

» facing pages = páginas contrapuestas. [Las dos páginas que se muestran al abrir un documento]

Example: This can be used to adjust the length of the book or balance facing pages.

» south facing = orientado al sur, mirando al sur, que mira al sur.

Example: Energy conservation was an important concern for all 7 libraries, with south facing high windows and heat absorbing walls in all buildings.

Facing synonyms

face in spanish: cara, pronunciation: feɪs part of speech: noun, verb veneer in spanish: chapa, pronunciation: vənɪr part of speech: noun cladding in spanish: revestimiento, pronunciation: klædɪŋ part of speech: noun lining in spanish: revestimiento, pronunciation: laɪnɪŋ part of speech: noun
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