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pronunciation: instɑlɑθioʊnes part of speech: noun
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facility1 = prestación, servicio, posibilidad. 

Example: Apart from this additional facility Double-KWIC indexes have most of the facilities, features and drawbacks of KWIC and KWOC indexes.


» baby changing facility = cambiador de bebés, sala para cambiar bebés, habitación para cambiar bebés.

Example: Baby changing facilities are available at the check-in areas, en-route to the boarding gates, in the departure lounge and arrivals lounge.

» editing facilities = funciones de edición, funciones de modificación.

Example: More sophisticated editors may offer full screen editing facilities, and automatic input and output.

» facility for = posibilidad de.

Example: This introduced greater facilities for synthesis.

» gain + facility = adquirir fluidez, ganar fluidez.

Example: This approach to teaching ensures that you will receive individual attention and gain facility in the use of the state-of-the-art equipment.

» help facility = servicio de ayuda.

Example: Most computer-based information retrieval systems have some type of 'help' facility.

» library facility = servicio bibliotecario.

Example: The article 'The forgiving building revisited' discusses planning library facilities which will meet new developments in automation technology with flexibility.

» multifacility = con muchas prestaciones.

Example: This multifacility device will will monitor for smoke, fire, and theft, and manipulate electrical outlets and thermostats.

» navigation facilities = herramientas de navegación.

Example: The author discusses new possibilities of embedded scripts such as inline MPEG, interactive games and navigation facilities.

» offer + a facility = ofrecer una prestación.

Example: Software to support thesaurus maintenance should offer certain facilities.

» offer + the facility = ofrecer la posibilidad de.

Example: In addition, packages offer the facility for printing title indexes to the contents of a database.

» offline print facility = servicio de impresión.

Example: An important part of the service is the provision of an off-line print facility.

» provide + the facility = ofrecer la posibilidad.

Example: Consoles would replace the conventional catalogue and would provide the facility for browsing now afforded by the open stacks.

» rail facilities = servicios de trenes.

Example: It occupies 15 square miles on the shore of Lake Tiemblo, and because of its location astride major rail and highway facilities it is a center of industry and shopping.

» retrieval facilities = tipos de búsqueda, posibilidades de búsqueda.

Example: This chapter attempts to identify the common retrieval facilities that are featured in most of these services.

» search facilities = tipos de búsqueda, posibilidades de búsqueda.

Example: Search facilities are intented to cater for searching based both on controlled and natural languages.

» service facility = servicio.

Example: The author offer guidelines for managers and policy makers to aid the process of planning the establishment of data service facilities in a library.

» training facility = servicio de preparación.

Example: Hosts also offer various support services such as manuals, search aids and training facilities.

facility2 = sala, local, instalación, recurso, infraestructura, dependencia, equipamiento. [Generalmente usado en el plural]

Example: Solutions include constructing compact shelving, on-site remote storage or building new library facilities.


» athletic facility = instalación deportiva.

Example: This annotated bibliography focuses on the design and planning of athletic facilities.

» blackout facilities = luces de emergencia.

Example: School classrooms are sometimes extraordinarily badly designed with poor acoustics, ineffective blackout facilities, and notoriously eccentric electrical outlets.

» car parking facilities = aparcamiento.

Example: Car parking facilities will be needed and should be manned during the hours when open to the public.

» central computing facility = centro de cálculo.

Example: In some institutions, too, the library has become one of the sites for clusters of terminals or microcomputers, linked to the central computing facility.

» cooking facilities = cocina.

Example: No sleeping room of a hotel shall include cooking facilities unless the they have been approved by the building department having jurisdiction over the hotel.

» copying facilities = servicio de fotocopia.

Example: While-you-wait copying facilities are available in a number of reading rooms.

» drop-in facility = local donde la gente va en sus ratos libres.

Example: These centres may also offer informal 'drop-in' facilities in the form of cafes, bookshops or community libraries.

» eating facility = lugar para comer.

Example: Minimum requirements for all programs are locker space, dressing rooms, library and reference materials, and eating facilities.

» en-suite facilities = con baño.

Example: All rooms have en-suite facilities, satellite television with DVD player, central heating, tea and coffee facilities and double-glazed windows.

» fitness facilities = gimnasio.

Example: Regardless of legal issues, owners of fitness facilities have a moral obligation to make their centers accessible to as many individuals as possible.

» health facility = clínica.

Example: Cancer screenings are conducted at all health facilities in the region.

» highway facilities = servicios de autopista.

Example: It occupies 15 square miles on the shore of Lake Tiemblo, and because of its location astride major rail and highway facilities it is a center of industry and shopping.

» leisure facilities = zona de ocio, instalaciones para dedicar el tiempo libre.

Example: This four-star hotel has full leisure facilities including an indoor swiming pool, jacuzzi, sauna and multi-gym.

» main site facility = dependencia central.

Example: The system serving the main site facilities is in good working condition.

» nuclear facility = instalación nuclear.

Example: The casualties from a missile attack by them in response to an attack on their nuclear facilities will be small change compared to the consequences of their government attaining nuclear capability.

» parking facilities = aparcamiento, estacionamiento.

Example: Library use, expressed as the ratio between those eligible to vote and those registered as adult readers, was related to such factors as class, topograhy, communications and parking facilities.

» physical facility = instalación para el ejercicio físico.

Example: This article describes a study of stress conducted in a university library using the following categories: workload; schedule and workday; feeling pulled and tugged; physical facilities; unchallenging work; and miscellaneous.

» physical facility = instalación, espacio físico.

Example: The physical facilities have been upgraded, the whole collection is being catalogued, and use of the Library of Congress Classification is under consideration = Se han mejorado las intalaciones, se está catalogando toda la colección y se está estudiando el uso de la Clasificación de la Biblioteca del Congreso.

» restroom facility = aseo, lavabo, baño, servicio.

Example: Four out of 10 high school students avoid using school restroom facilities because of their lack of cleanliness.

» sewage facility = alcantarillado, saneamiento. [Normalmente usado en plural]

Example: There are many urgent problems confronting the council of Junctionville: inadequate water and sewage facilities, limited public transportation, polluted air, excessive power costs, crime.

» sports facility = instalación deportiva.

Example: The social need of relaxation has led to the appearance of many servicies including sports facilities, television and radio, theatre, cinema, and not least, libraries.

» storage facility = almacén, depósito.

Example: Due to a seasonal demand, when the storage facility is full this product has to be dumped into the quarry using dumpers.

» study facilities = zona de estudio, sala de estudio, habitación de estudio.

Example: University readers, who are usually living away from home, need study facilities to be available to them for long periods of the day and evening.

» test facility = laboratorio de pruebas, laboratorio de ensayos, laboratorio de experimentación.

Example: A large number of test facilities have been constructed for the conversion of biomass and residues into useful product.

» water treatment facility = planta purificadora de agua, estación depuradora de agua, planta depuradora de agua.

Example: This new water treatment facility is now the largest-capacity facility of its kind in California and the third largest in North America.

» welfare facility = centro de asistencia social.

Example: A special network linking major public sites like schools, libraries, hospitals and welfare facilities could be in place by the year 2000.

facility3 = institución. 

Example: As he recovers, he overhears a well-intentioned social worker murmuring soothingly about a juvenile facility, and contrives an escape.


» correctional facility = correccional, prisión, reformatorio.

Example: These trends are expected to result in library service to correctional facilities of comparable quality to those services available to the public.

» juvenile correctional facility = correccional, reformatorio.

Example: The aim of the project is to put library materials in the hands of young adults in juvenile correctional facilities, rehabilitation clinics, runaway shelters, and foster care homes.
Facility synonyms:
can in spanish: puede, pronunciation: kæn part of speech: noun, verb john in spanish: Juan, pronunciation: dʒɑn part of speech: noun privy in spanish: privado, pronunciation: prɪvi part of speech: noun, adjective technique in spanish: técnica, pronunciation: teknik part of speech: noun proficiency in spanish: competencia, pronunciation: prəfɪʃənsi part of speech: noun installation in spanish: instalación, pronunciation: ɪnstəleɪʃən part of speech: noun toilet in spanish: baño, pronunciation: tɔɪlət part of speech: noun lavatory in spanish: lavabo, pronunciation: lævətɔri part of speech: noun bathroom in spanish: baño, pronunciation: bæθrum part of speech: noun readiness in spanish: preparación, pronunciation: redinəs part of speech: noun adroitness in spanish: habilidad, pronunciation: ədrɔɪtnəs part of speech: noun lav in spanish: lavar, pronunciation: læv part of speech: noun adeptness in spanish: competencia, pronunciation: eɪdeptnəs part of speech: noun deftness in spanish: habilidad, pronunciation: deftnəs part of speech: noun quickness in spanish: rapidez, pronunciation: kwɪknəs part of speech: noun
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