Facsimile in spanish


pronunciation: fɑksimil part of speech: noun
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facsimile = facsímil. 

Example: Improvements in document delivery services (DDS) via the further application of techniques such as facsimile transmission will also have an important role to play.


» facsimile image = imagen digitalizada, copia digitalizada.

Example: The CD-ROM will contain 10000 facsimile images of the papers, indexed such that users can gain quick access to single documents = El CD-ROM contendrá 10.000 imágenes digitalizadas de los artículos, indizados de modo que los usuarios pueden acceder rápidamente a los documentos concretos.

» facsimile machine = fax.

Example: It can interconnect text processors, personal computers and terminals to high-quality printers, computer-based file stores, facsimile machines, digital voice, video and other electronic office equipment.

» facsimile reproduction = edición facsímil. [Reproducción exacta, por cualquier procedimiento, del texto e ilustraciones de un determinado ejemplar impreso o manuscrito]

Example: A facsimile reproduction is a reproduction that has as its chief purpose to simulate the physical appearance of the original work as well as to provide an exact replica of the text.

» facsimile transmission = transmisión de facsímiles, transmisión por fax.

Example: The new technologies for information storage and retrieval which have burst upon the scene in only the past few years are mind boggling: electronic mail, synchronous and asynchronous communications networks, computer imaging, desktop publishing, facsimile transmission, just to name a few.

» line-block facsimile = facsímil de línea.

Example: Photo-etched blocks, which became available in the 1870s, give the colour and impression of letterpress printing but they lose definition in the process of reproduction, so that line-block facsimiles combine rough edges with an improbably even colour.

» photolitho facsimile = facsímil fotolitografiado.

Example: The early photolitho books of 1856-7 were again collections of reproductions of art photographs, but in 1858 there was an event of greater bibliographical significance: the production of a photolitho facsimile of a printed book.

» quasi-facsimile = reproducción casi facsímil. [Transcripción detallada y fiel de los datos bibliográficos (letras y símbolos) de un documento aunque no incluye el tipo de letra o la distribucion de los datos en el papel]

Example: The quasi-facsimile method is also used for transcribing imprints colophons, running titles, and indeed any other printed matter.

» telefacsimile = telefacsímil, fax.

Example: Photocopying, bibliographic data bases, and telefacsimile are all contributing factors to the decrease in subscriptions to scientific journals.

Facsimile synonyms

fax in spanish: fax, pronunciation: fæks part of speech: noun telefax in spanish: telefax, pronunciation: telfæks part of speech: verb autotype in spanish: autotipo, pronunciation: ɔtoʊtaɪp part of speech: noun facsimile machine in spanish: máquina de fax, pronunciation: fæksɪməliməʃin part of speech: noun
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