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pronunciation: etʃoʊ part of speech: noun
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fact1 = hecho. 

Example: Apart from the fact that different librarians may consult different reference sources, there are other factors which may lead different cataloguers to different decisions.


» after-the-fact = a posteriori.

Example: In the case of BUSHMEN and HOTTENTOTS, the peoples' real names don't even appear as after-the-fact, last minute cross-references to the defamatory form.

» apprise + Nombre + of the fact that = informar a Alguien de.

Example: At coffee yesterday Jeff Gordon had apprised her of the fact that three of his engineers had been summarily terminated.

» as a matter of fact = de hecho, en efecto, en (la) realidad.

Example: As a matter of fact, the record of the change is retained in at least the OCLC files and is, I am told, available to libraries.

» attest to + the fact that = dar fe de que, demostrar.

Example: Statistical reports from several libraries attest to the 'fact' that the great majority of library users are performing topical subject searches, not author/title or known-item searches.

» be a fact of life = ser algo común, ser algo normal, ser una realidad, ser algo habitual.

Example: Federal aid to help cope with the problem of information was not new and had been a fact of life in one way or another for a long time.

» because of the fact that = por el hecho de que.

Example: Partly because of the fact that documents have shades of relevance to a given topic this is an impossible objective.

» blind + Pronombre + to the fact that = cegarse ante el hecho de que.

Example: None of these problems should blind us to the fact that the collection of documents we are dealing with remains the same, as do the demands made on it.

» brute fact = hecho real.

Example: The computer's entrenchment in our lives is a brute fact and not a debatable or negotiable point.

» clarify + the facts = esclarecer los hechos.

Example: The purpose of the consultations shall be to clarify the facts of the situation and to arrive at a mutually acceptable solution.

» despite the fact that = a pesar de (que), pese a, con independencia de, al margen de.

Example: Strangely enough, despite the fact that he was buddies with Henry Kissinger at Harvard, he is registered as a member of the Democratic Party.

» dig into + the facts = profundizar en los hechos, ahondar en los hechos.

Example: Many times the key to success is thoroughly digging into the facts, deposing as many people as possible, and finally getting to the truth.

» established fact = hecho demostrado.

Example: Care should be taken that the question asked solicits the information desired and that one does not proceed to make assumptions beyond established facts.

» evidence of the fact that = prueba del hecho de que, demostración del hecho de que.

Example: It will be global learning, thus evidence of the fact that learning has no boundaries.

» face + the facts = hacer frente a los hechos.

Example: Cases keep discussion grounded on certain persistent facts that must be faced, and keep a realistic rein on airy flights of academic speculation.

» face + (the) facts = enfrentarse a la realidad, hacer frente a la realidad.

Example: This has, of course, always been so, but the facts have not always been faced.

» face (up to) + the fact that = enfrentarse al hecho de que, enfrentarse a la realidad de que, hacer frente al hecho de que, hacer frente a la realidad.

Example: The fact must be faced that the world as a whole tends not to have a clue about the existence of the information profession.

» fact checking = verificación de los hechos, verificación de los datos.

Example: Compiling so much information didn't leave much time for fact checking, and Pliny verified little of what he wrote.

» fact-communicating = con la intención de comunicar hechos.

Example: And so in scientific language -- in all purely fact-communicating uses of language -- we try to employ words in as objective and unvarying a way as possible.

» fact is = el hecho es que..., a decir verdad..., lo cierto es que..., la realidad es que..., la verdad es que....

Example: Fact is, we are the largest group of ungrateful, spoiled brats the world has ever seen.

» fact of life = dura realidad, triste realidad, ley de vida.

Example: Even with the closest supervision some books will be lost through theft, a fact of life one must recognize and cope with.

» for a fact = con certeza, de seguro, a ciencia cierta.

Example: The value of the US dollar is for a fact on the decline.

» half-fact = media verdad, verdad a medias.

Example: Genocide theorists deploy a welter of sociological facts and half-facts to buttress their case.

» hard fact = hecho ineludible, dato concreto.

Example: To speak of books as 'new products for the market' sounds crassly commercial, but is nevertheless a hard fact of book-trade life.

» in actual fact = de hecho, en (la) realidad.

Example: Despite carefully framed acquistions policy statements regarding fiction in actual fact libraries allocate only a small percentage of their meagre book funds to fiction.

» in fact = de hecho, en (la) realidad, en efecto.

Example: However, one important feature to note about such systems is that many of them do not in fact organise knowledge or retrieve information.

» in point of fact = de hecho, en efecto, en (la) realidad.

Example: In point of fact, I am well aware that catalogers, as a group, resist with every cell in their bodies any attempt to erode or degrade or compromise the catalog.

» in spite of the fact that = a pesar de (que), pese a, con independencia de, al margen de.

Example: In spite of the fact that the investigation of the relationship of these two factors would be very important, there is still hardly any research done on this topic.

» it + be + a well acknowledged fact that = ser algo (muy) bien sabido que, ser un hecho bien sabido que, ser algo bien conocido que, ser un hecho bien conocido que.

Example: It's a well-acknowledged fact that about 15 minutes after we have watched and heard someone present we will have forgotten up to 90% of the things they said.

» know for + a fact = saber con certeza, saber de seguro, saber a ciencia cierta, conocer a ciencia cierta, conocer con certeza, conocer de seguro.

Example: Here's the question: If you knew for a fact that you only had seven years to live, what would you do?.

» little-known fact = hecho poco conocido, dato poco conocido.

Example: It's a little-known fact that cows were domesticated in Mesopotamia and were also used in China as guard animals for the forbidden city.

» lose + sight of the fact that = perder de vista el hecho de que, olvidarse del hecho de que.

Example: The biographer controls the innumerable aspects of Buchan's life in an exemplary manner, without losing sight of the fact that Buchan was 'a very odd fish indeed'.

» love + the fact that = encantar el hecho de.

Example: Your tech team will love the fact you're off their backs to make changes for testing and optimization purposes.

» obscure + the fact = quitarle mérito.

Example: But no litany of caveats should be allowed to obscure the fact that on-line searching has added a major weapon to the reference librarian's arsenal.

» overlook + the fact that = sin tener en cuenta el hecho de que, no prestar atención al hecho de que.

Example: The media have regularly stoked public feelings of shame by affirming that English football fans are synonymous with hooliganism, overlooking the fact that not all fans are 'hooligans'.

» plain fact, the = hechos, los.

Example: It may not be a startling revelation but its undoubted value is that the plain fact has gone on record.

» point to + the fact that = apuntar el hecho de que.

Example: She points to the fact that shoppers are quite happy to give credit card details over the telephone, with little or no security.

» proven fact = hecho demostrado.

Example: It is the ill-begotten child of a dysfunctional congress that places politics and dogma above proven facts and the nation's well being.

» random facts = hechos dispersos.

Example: This time it was a collection of random facts that added up to nothing.

» statement of fact = enunciado de los hechos, exposición de los hechos.

Example: That this is a statement of fact may count for nothing: in effect, the librarian may be obliged lay evidence before the enquirer, accompanied by a convincing explanation.

» stress + the fact that = destacar el hecho de que, resaltar el hecho de que, enfatizar el hecho de que.

Example: We have always stressed the fact that the only solution for Afghanistan is democracy through elections.

» tell + Nombre + for a fact = decir a ciencia cierta.

Example: As a referee, I can tell you for a fact that what he did was not bookable.

» testify to + the fact that = dar fe del hecho de que, dar testimonio del hecho de que.

Example: This testifies to the fact that even the top-level people can stoop very low in order to maintain themselves in power.

» the fact is (that) = el hecho es que... a decir verdad..., lo cierto es que..., la realidad es que..., la verdad es que....

Example: The fact is that income inequality is real -- it's been rising for more than 25 years.

» the fact of the matter is that... = la verdad es que..., lo cierto es que..., el hecho es que..., a decir verdad..., la realidad es que....

Example: But the fact of the matter is that they wouldn't have gotten the chance of a lifetime if not for the hard work of Epperson.

» the fact remains that... = la realidad es que....

Example: Nevertheless, the fact remains that, sooner or later, the restrictions on certain documents will disappear.

» the plain fact = la pura verdad.

Example: The plain fact is that javelin throwing by itself is too destructive to the body to allow an endless amount of throws.

» there + be + no escaping the fact that = ser un hecho ineludible que.

Example: However, there is no escaping the fact that many fish are piscivores; that is, their natural diet isn't insects and crustaceans, but fish.

» the sad fact is (that) = la triste realidad es que.

Example: The sad fact is that the majority of web pages suffer this same ill fate.

» vouch + for the fact that = asegurar que, testimoniar que.

Example: As a user of libraries I can vouch for the fact that chaos has no advantages.

fact2 = dato. 

Example: Other data bases, which may be described as non-bibliographic, and are sometimes known as data banks, store actual facts and figures and text.


» distinguish + fact from fiction = separar la realidad de la ficción.

Example: The author, a dietitian, distinguishes fact from fiction with statements regarding a variety of foods -- potatoes, honey, carrots, lemon and grapefruit juices, white bread, garlic, red meat and oranges.

» fact finder = lista de datos.

Example: Today features offering guidance to young readers include a subject-area outline and a list of questions at the beginning of each volume, fact summaries, fact finders (lists of related articles), and bibliographies.

» fact-finding = búsqueda de datos, búsqueda de información.

Example: Because books are so often used as a means of instruction, of fact-finding and didacticism, children too often come to suppose that this is the sole nature and purpose of all books.

» fact-finding mission = comisión investigadora, misión investigadora.

Example: The experts' meeting agreed that there be an immediate fact-finding mission under UNESCO coordination to assess the extent of damage and loss to cultural property in Iraq.

» fact-gathering = recogida de datos.

Example: Distinctions between scientific research and its relatives (demonstration and development, service/consultation studies, and fact-gathering) could be made through a careful analysis of each study's proposal and/or completed report.

» fact sheet = hoja técnica.

Example: The Database fact sheet for each database provides information on the class, control, or identification numbers likely to appear in records in the database.

» fast-fact = de respuesta rápida.

Example: Two kinds of service were provided -- the fast-fact and the in-depth reference service -- for two kinds of users.

» it + be + a little known fact that = ser algo poco sabido que, ser un hecho poco sabido que, ser algo poco conocido que, ser un hecho poco conocido que.

Example: It is a little-known fact that all the gas you burp comes from air that you swallow.

» it + be + a (well)-known fact that = ser algo (muy) bien sabido que, ser un hecho bien sabido que, ser algo bien conocido que, ser un hecho bien conocido que.

Example: It is a well-known fact that they're grossly deficient in identifiying talented minority children, and, for that matter, girls.

» matter-of-fact = calculador, práctico, pragmático, flemático.

Example: The videotape of the interviews showed the offender to be impassive and matter-of-fact in describing what he had done.

» memorise + facts = memorizar datos.

Example: The traditional concept of tertiary teaching is described (i.e. lectures during which the student stays a passive listener and has to memorise facts for reproduction during formal written examinations or tests).

» raw facts = datos en estado bruto.

Example: The most successful brokers will be flexible and provide intelligence rather than raw facts and data.
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