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pronunciation: fɑktoʊɹ̩ part of speech: noun
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factor1 = factor. 

Example: Accessibility to the documents stored in files is an important factor, so the physical storage is important.


» aggravating factor = factor agravante.

Example: Aggravating factors are those factors that make a crime seem more egregious, such as prior felony convictions or choosing an especially vulnerable victim.

» aging factor [ageing factor] = índice de obsolescencia.

Example: While most specialised dental journals had a lower aging factor than dental journals as a whole, orthodontic journals had an aging factor of 0.92 (half-life 8.7 years).

» by + factor of + Número = Número + por ciento.

Example: During the same period output increased about a hundred-fold, while prices went down by factors of about ten.

» chill factor = sensación térmica.

Example: Johnson's action movie 'Chill Factor' takes elements from many earlier suspense films and mixes them all together.

» conditioning factor = factor condicionante, condicionante.

Example: The affirmation of freedom against constructivism does not mean the denial of the existence of conditioning factors in society or history.

» cost factor = coste.

Example: Many of the factors affecting information retrieval systems are cost factors.

» cuckoo factor = factor sorpresa.

Example: The article has the title 'Cuckoo factor: an investigation into the effects of transient populations in the development of library services'.

» deciding factor = factor decisivo.

Example: These properties may be the deciding factor in a particular design application of the data system.

» decisive factor = factor decisivo.

Example: The class position of groups is the decisive factor in accessing and using information.

» determining factor = factor determinante.

Example: The study also attempted to examine by using a multivariate analysis, what characteristics are possible determining factors in user satisfaction, or dissatisfaction.

» exonerating factor = factor eximente.

Example: Chatigny's theory was that sexual sadism was a mental defect and therefore a mitigating, if not entirely exonerating, factor in sentencing.

» extenuating factor = factor atenuante.

Example: South African courts have recently accepted social psychological phenomena as extenuating factors in murder trials.

» factor-analyse [factor-analyze, -USA] = realizar un análisis factorial.

Example: Preliminary survey data were factor-analyzed to test the validity and reliability of these variables.

» factor analysis = análisis factorial. [En estadística, técnica usada para determinar cuáles son los factores que determinan las correlaciones existentes entre los datos analizados]

Example: Factor analysis is a statistical technique to determine factors that account for correlations in data.

» factor + contribute = factor + contribuir.

Example: Factors that contributed to this inflationary trend and that caused payers to take drastic action are analysed.

» factor loading = ponderación por factores.

Example: Factor loadings of all items included were over 0.5.

» feel-good factor = euforia, sensación de euforia.

Example: Wine's feel-good factor makes it easy to forget that too many of the world's grape growers and pickers live on the poverty line.

» human factor = factor humano.

Example: For them, a constellation of human factors and professional insight should, instead, guide every weeding decision.

» impact factor = factor de impacto, índice de impacto. [Medida de la importancia de una publicación en función de la frecuencia con la que ha sido citada]

Example: A further ranking was therefore calculated showing the impact factor, ie the number of times a journal was cited as a function of the total number of articles it contained.

» incriminating factor = factor incriminatorio.

Example: The case against the companies was based on a number of 'incriminating factors' that strongly suggested they had all been run for fraudulent purposes.

» journal impact factor = factor de impacto de la revista.

Example: This article presents the summaries of major contributions to conference sessions on the use of journal impact factors and on cybermetrics.

» key factor = factor clave.

Example: These descriptions are seen as a key factor to finding a way out of the growing problems of traversing an ever expanding Web.

» key success factor = factor clave, clave del éxito.

Example: It is the quality of the collection, rather than its quantity, that is the key success factor.

» limiting factor = impedimento.

Example: In other cases, the capacity and performance of computer equipment prove to be the limiting factor, although continuing advances in fields like data networks, voice input and output, and computer vision keep pushing these limits further and further back.

» mitigating factor = factor atenuante.

Example: This management style can also be a mitigatng factor when promotional opportunities are scarce.

» periodical impact factor = índice de impacto de una publicación periódica.

Example: The periodical impact factor is a ratio between the number of citations to that periodical and the number of articles in that periodical for a given period of time.

» principle component(s) factor analysis = análisis factorial de componentes principales.

Example: Content validity was assessed and discriminant validity was investigated using a principle components factor analysis = Se evaluó tanto la validez del contenido como la validez de discriminación usando un análisis factorial de componentes principales.

» pull factor = factor de atracción, atractivo.

Example: Unsurprisingly such misuse is triggered by push factors, such as fear of failure, and also pull factors, such as ease of use and the ubiquitous cut and paste.

» push factor = factor de rechazo, rechazo.

Example: Unsurprisingly such misuse is triggered by push factors, such as fear of failure, and also pull factors, such as ease of use and the ubiquitous cut and paste.

» risk factor = factor de riesgo.

Example: Problem drinking, drink driving and criminality are important risk factors for receipt of disability pension and high levels of sickness absence in young men.

» socioeconomic factor = factor socioeconómico.

Example: Data on doctoral graduates are discussed in terms of socioeconomic factors, educational background, position held, prior professional experience, salaries, professional membership, and publications.

» surprise factor = factor sorpresa.

Example: The surprise factor is a technique used in storytelling to produce a visceral reaction from the audience.

» time factor = factor tiempo.

Example: The time factor was shown to be important in enough cases to be significant.

» vital factor = factor vital, elemento vital, componente vital.

Example: Animal fats and cholesterol are not villains but vital factors in the diet = Las grasas animales y el colesterol no son malos, sin embargo, son factores vitales en la dieta.

» Web impact factor (WIF/Web-IF) = factor de impacto web, factor impacto en la web. [Fórmula para calcular la importancia de una recurso web]

Example: This article reports on investigations into the feasibility and reliability of calculating impact factors for web sites, called Web Impact Factors (WIF or Web-IF).

» weighting factor = factor de ponderación.

Example: This index is obtained by multiplying the number of pages in any publication by a weighting factor that acknowledges each author's proportional or absolute contribution to the work.

» wind chill factor = sensación térmica. [Sensación de más frío debido al viento]

Example: Three appendices (first aid, wind chill factor, and thunderstorm hazards) are also provided.

factor2 = comparar, tener en cuenta, tomar en cuenta. 

Example: Library funding was factored against the comprehensive budgets of WTALC institutions, resulting in a measurement of the comparative percentage of university money made available to its libraries.


» factor in = contabilizar, tener en cuenta, tomar en cuenta.

Example: However, we must factor in the added impact of community-based telecommunications.

Factor synonyms

agent in spanish: agente, pronunciation: eɪdʒənt part of speech: noun element in spanish: elemento, pronunciation: eləmənt part of speech: noun component in spanish: componente, pronunciation: kəmpoʊnənt part of speech: noun broker in spanish: corredor, pronunciation: broʊkɜr part of speech: noun constituent in spanish: Constitucion, pronunciation: kənstɪtʃuənt part of speech: noun ingredient in spanish: ingrediente, pronunciation: ɪngridiənt part of speech: noun divisor in spanish: divisor, pronunciation: dɪvaɪzɜr part of speech: noun factor in in spanish: factor en, pronunciation: fæktɜrɪn part of speech: verb factor out in spanish: factorizar, pronunciation: fæktɜraʊt part of speech: verb
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