Faction in spanish


pronunciation: fɑkθioʊn part of speech: noun
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faction = facción. 

Example: Both factions realize that new expenditures must not be undertaken if they mean increasing taxes.


» faction group = facción, grupo activista.

Example: These awful experiences caused some women to take up arms and joined various faction groups.

» warring factions = partes enfrentadas, partes de un conflicto, partes beligerantes.

Example: John Mackinlay drew on his military background to analyze the warring factions and their demobilization following the Abuja Agreements.

Faction synonyms

cabal in spanish: cábala, pronunciation: kəbɑl part of speech: noun junta in spanish: junta, pronunciation: hʊntə part of speech: noun sect in spanish: secta, pronunciation: sekt part of speech: noun camarilla in spanish: camarilla, pronunciation: kæmɜrɪlə part of speech: noun junto in spanish: junto, pronunciation: dʒuntoʊ part of speech: noun
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