Gall in spanish


pronunciation: iel part of speech: noun
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gall1 = bilis, hiel. 

Example: And by the same reason the gall causes anger; for choleric men are often angry, because they have much gall.


» gallbladder [gall bladder] = vesícula, vesícula biliar.

Example: This method is used to model the gallbladder as a spherical membrane containing liquid, in an interactive simulated environment for laproscopic cholecystectomy.

» gallnut = agalla, cecidia. [Excrecencia que algunas plantas producen para defenderse de los ataques de algunos insectos, bacterias u hongos]

Example: He stretched as tall as he could, but the gallnuts hung just out of arm's reach, dangling from a branch above his head.

» gallstone = cálculo biliar.

Example: Only two single gene defects are associated with gallstones.

» have + the gall to = tener la osadía de, osar, tener la desfachatez de, tener el descaro de.

Example: In an interview earlier this week, he had the gall to declare that the resolution would show the United States had no stomach for finishing the war.

» iron gall ink = tinta ferrogálica. [Tinta utilizada antiguamente que a menudo emana ácido que ataca al papel]

Example: This article describes research conducted since 1993 into the development of a conservation treatment for iron gall ink corrosion and the degradation of paper objects by iron gall inks.

gall2 = irritar, enojar, molestar, fastidiar, dar rabia, dar coraje. 

Example: It was the American attitude of superiority that galled them the most.

Gall synonyms

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