Gallant in spanish


pronunciation: gɑlɑnte part of speech: adjective, noun
In gestures

gallant1 = galán, caballero. [Nombre]

Example: Information scientists may, therefore, be divided into bibliometricians, retrievalists, and a growing number of gallants who are both.

gallant2 = galante, aguerrido, gallardo, valiente, noble, bizarro. [Adjetivo]

Example: This was an untenable state of affairs and he made a gallant effort to secure librarians and library boards from the possibility of such suits.

Gallant synonyms

swell in spanish: hinchar, pronunciation: swel part of speech: noun, verb brave in spanish: valiente, pronunciation: breɪv part of speech: adjective proud in spanish: orgulloso, pronunciation: praʊd part of speech: adjective lofty in spanish: elevado, pronunciation: lɔfti part of speech: adjective courteous in spanish: cortés, pronunciation: kɜrtiəs part of speech: adjective majestic in spanish: majestuoso, pronunciation: mədʒestɪk part of speech: adjective impressive in spanish: impresionante, pronunciation: ɪmpresɪv part of speech: adjective beau in spanish: galán, pronunciation: boʊ part of speech: noun dandy in spanish: dandy, pronunciation: dændi part of speech: noun dude in spanish: tipo, pronunciation: dud part of speech: noun fop in spanish: petimetre, pronunciation: fɔp part of speech: noun courageous in spanish: valiente, pronunciation: kɜreɪdʒəs part of speech: adjective squire in spanish: escudero, pronunciation: skwaɪr part of speech: noun spirited in spanish: enérgico, pronunciation: spɪrɪtəd part of speech: adjective fearless in spanish: audaz, pronunciation: fɪrləs part of speech: adjective dashing in spanish: apuesto, pronunciation: dæʃɪŋ part of speech: adjective sheik in spanish: jeque, pronunciation: ʃik part of speech: noun chivalrous in spanish: caballerosidad, pronunciation: tʃɪvɑlrəs part of speech: adjective clotheshorse in spanish: tendedero, pronunciation: kloʊzhɔrs part of speech: noun knightly in spanish: caballeresco, pronunciation: naɪtli part of speech: adjective fashion plate in spanish: placa de moda, pronunciation: fæʃənpleɪt part of speech: noun
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