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pronunciation: part of speech: noun
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» a la = al estilo de, al modo de.

Example: To explain, I could only invoke rather mystical language like 'bibliographic purity' (somewhat a la Panizzi) to explain why she was not finding Aleichem under ALEICHEM, but rather under Rabinowitz.

» a la carte = a la carta.

Example: The article 'Table d'Hote and a la carte: Collecting rare science books' examines historically the methodology of collection development in collections of rare science books.

LA (Library Association)2 = LA (Asociación de Bibliotecarios del Reino Unido). 

Example: The joint code was the result of the combined efforts of the Library Association (UK), LA, and the American Library Association.

La synonyms

lah in spanish: lah, pronunciation: part of speech: noun lanthanum in spanish: lantano, pronunciation: lænθənəm part of speech: noun atomic number 57 in spanish: número atómico 57, pronunciation: ətɑmɪknəmbɜr part of speech: noun
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