Laboratory in spanish


pronunciation: lɑboʊɹ̩ɑtoʊɹ̩ioʊ part of speech: noun
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laboratory = laboratorio. 

Example: One can now picture a future investigator in his laboratory, his hands are free, he is not anchored.


» computer laboratory = sala de informática.

Example: The department is home to approximately 10 computer laboratories each with 24 hour access to students.

» conservation laboratory = laboratorio de conservación.

Example: The benefits of an on-site conservation laboratory and conservator are underlined.

» film laboratory = laboratorio cinematográfico.

Example: The author discusses some special services including, film laboratories, recording studios, and radio and television studios.

» laboratory analysis = análisis de laboratorio.

Example: The laboratory analysis reports characteristics of: (1) odor, color, and clarity; (2) specific gravity; (3) sediment; (4) test strips; and (5) albumin and phosphates.

» laboratory collection = colección de prácticas.

Example: If you have a laboratory collection, the work may be regarded as the book itself.

» laboratory situation = situación experimental.

Example: In this laboratory situation, students' analyses and programs of action may undergo some modification as collectively the class debates alternatives.

» laboratory test = prueba, test, test de laboratorio, prueba de laboratorio.

Example: Some laboratory tests are precise, reliable indicators of specific health problems.

» language laboratory = laboratorio de idiomas.

Example: We can give advice on all major makes of language laboratory and language learning software.

» pharmaceutical laboratory = laboratorio farmacéutico.

Example: Local officials can easily be bribed by foreign pharmaceutical laboratories.

» research laboratory = laboratorio.

Example: Research laboratories are facing many problems regarding the disposal of nuclear waste.

» restoration laboratory = laboratorio de restauración.

Example: This article outlines general requirements for a well-appointed restoration laboratory: filtered light, security alarms, good flood drainage, and lay-out.

Laboratory synonyms

lab in spanish: laboratorio, pronunciation: læb part of speech: noun science lab in spanish: laboratorio de ciencia, pronunciation: saɪənslæb part of speech: noun
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