Packaging in spanish


pronunciation: embɑlɑxe part of speech: noun
In gestures

package4 = envasar, presentar dentro de, embalar, empaquetar. 

Example: The microfilm is a common form for catalogues and indexes, in either 35 mm or 16 mm roll film, usually but not always packaged in a cassette.


» repackage [re-package] = reorganizar, modificar, reestructurar, rediseñar, modificar y adaptar. 

Example: The objective of the second phase is to synthesise, repackage and disseminate findings for various audiences.

package5 = seleccionar y presentar en un documento, representar, envasar. 

Example: Documents rarely exactly match a user's requirements because information can be packaged in almost as many different ways as there are participants in a subject area.


» package + information = presentar información, ofrecer información.

Example: This article emphasises the need to find a solution to the problems of packaging information in ways that are both economical and acceptable to users.

» package + knowledge = presentar conocimiento, ofrecer conocimiento.

Example: The philosophy behind the teaching of comparative librarianship is that knowledge cannot be packaged into neat portions.

» repackage + information = presentar información de varios modos, reorganizar la información.

Example: Agricultural librarians should reprocess and repackage this information in more appropriate media.

packaging1 = envase, envasado, embalaje, envoltorio, estuche. 

Example: Terms which are to be used are likely to be specified, and synonyms recognized and possibly eliminated (for example, perhaps 'packaging' is to be used rather than 'wrapping').


» repackaging [re-packaging] = reestructuración, rediseño, reelaboración, reorganización. [Actividad de elaboración de la forma y del contenido de la información primaria y/o secundaria con el fin de comunicarla eficientemente. Pincha en para ver otras palabras que comienzan con este prefijo]

Example: Repackaging is the extraction of the meaning from the information sources discovered, rewording it, perhaps summarising it, and re-presenting it in a form more easily assimilable by the enquirer.

» vacuum packaging = envasado al vacío.

Example: Vacuum packaging increases storage life of food products by a factor 3 to 5.

packaging2 = presentación conjunta. 

Example: This emphasis upon 'the work' reflects the packaging of text, information, music, graphics, and so on, and indicates to the subsequent user what packages are available for use or consultation.
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