Yammer in spanish


pronunciation: kexɑɹ̩se part of speech: verb
In gestures

yammer1 = quejarse, gimotear, protestar. 

Example: The righties in this country keep yammering about 'we shouldn't be giving terrorists the same rights Americans enjoy'.

yammer2 = parlotear, cascar, charlar, paliquear, darle a la lengua, desgañitarse, vociferar. 

Example: The second guy yammered about how there's proof that the Bible is true, but failed to offer any concrete evidence.

Yammer synonyms

whine in spanish: , pronunciation: waɪn part of speech: noun, verb howl in spanish: , pronunciation: haʊl part of speech: noun, verb yowl in spanish: , pronunciation: jaʊl part of speech: noun, verb yawp in spanish: , pronunciation: jɔp part of speech: verb grizzle in spanish: , pronunciation: grɪzəl part of speech: noun wrawl in spanish: , pronunciation: rɔl part of speech: verb
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