Yard in spanish


pronunciation: iɑɹ̩dɑ part of speech: noun
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yard1 = patio. 

Example: The whole of the ground floor was one large room, lit by an old-fashioned window looking onto the street and by a large sash-window giving onto an enclosed yard.


» backyard = jardín, patio.

Example: Backyard TV antennas developed as an offshoot of cable technology.

» boatyard = astillero, varadero.

Example: Kim often works on the boat putting to good use the expertise she gained working in a boatyard and chandlery.

» churchyard = cementerio, camposanto.

Example: Visiting churches and churchyards is becoming increasingly popular among both local people and tourists.

» courtyard = patio.

Example: No one ever arrived without some mishap at the two large cages at the far end of that gloomy room (which projected like a pair of wretched pavilions in the courtyard).

» farmyard = corral, patio de granja.

Example: The path led to a cluster of buildings similar in outward appearances to those found in farmyards and stables.

» yard trimmings = recortes de la poda.

Example: Yard trimmings are collected on the same day as your recycling is collected.

» junkyard = desguace, cementerio de coches, trapería.

Example: He was a rag-and-bone man living with his irascible father in a junkyard with only their horse for company.

» livery yard = cuadra, caballeriza, establo. [Generalmente de alquiler]

Example: Levels of provision and service at a livery stable or livery yard vary greatly, as do the fees.

» lumberyard = almacén de maderas, maderería.

Example: Working at the lumberyard pushing a tree through the buzz saw he accidentally sheared off all ten of his fingers.

» rail yard = estación de tren.

Example: Rail yards dispatcher must determine how cars are transferred from one inbound train to another outbound train and what is the makeup of each outbound train, how to use yard engines, and how to arrange yard track occupation.

» schoolyard [school yard] = patio de la escuela, patio del recreo.

Example: Now, however, with nearly 80,000 foreign workers in the country, incidents of racism and discrimination (such as insults and mobbing in schoolyards) occur daily.

» scrapyard = desguace, cementerio de coches, cementerio de automóviles, chatarrería.

Example: The gang used the vehicle numbers from written-off cars found in scrapyards in Belgium.

» shipyard = astillero.

Example: This article describes organizational changes carried out by Sterkoder Ltd, a Norwegian shipyard, to increase productivity.

» timber yard = almacén de maderas.

Example: Once a very common piece of equipment in most timber yards for moving trees for processing and cut logs such cranes are now rare.

» yard sale = mercadillo casero. [Venta de objetos usados personales en la propia casa de uno]

Example: The two fellows sitting in the center are in regular wooden chairs that can be found in furniture stores or at yard sales.

yard2 = yarda. 

Example: Alice was a little startled by seeing the Cheshire Cat sitting on a bough of a tree a few yards off.


» a yard long = una yarda de largo.

Example: Many a title a yard long does not convey as much meaning as two well chosen words.

» six-yard box, the = área chica, el.

Example: Players famed for their diving headers are fearless when diving in amongst flying boots to poach a goal in the six-yard box.

» the whole nine yards = absolutamente todo, todo el tinglado, todo el cotarro.

Example: They're going to have department stores, and restaurants, and movie theatres, and bowling alleys, the whole nine yards, and Heaven knows what else.

» vineyard = viñedo, viña.

Example: In Ohio State we've been trying to develop for the last fifteen years a grape that will still survive the grape blight that wiped out the vineyards in southern Ohio in the 1920s.

» yards of = cientos de.

Example: Profiles in newspapers and magazines, autograph-signing appearances in bookshops -- any device at all that reveals the person behind the book -- does far more for an author's readership than yards of reviews or pages of expensive advertisements.

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