Damsel in spanish


pronunciation: dɑmiselɑ part of speech: noun
In gestures

damsel = damisela, doncella. 

Example: The old woman immediately recognized the damsel and begged her to take her into her service.


» damselfly = caballito del diablo.

Example: Damselflies are brightly coloured insects who, like dragonflies, are acrobatic masters of the air as they hunt for their prey.

» damsel in distress = doncella en apuros.

Example: The subject of the damsel in distress, or persecuted maiden, is a classic theme in world literature, art, and film.

Damsel synonyms

demoiselle in spanish: señorita, pronunciation: deməsel part of speech: noun damosel in spanish: damosel, pronunciation: dæməzəl part of speech: noun damoiselle in spanish: damoiselle, pronunciation: dæmwɪsel part of speech: noun damozel in spanish: damozel, pronunciation: dæməzəl part of speech: noun
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