Damper in spanish


pronunciation: ɑpɑgɑdoʊɹ̩ part of speech: noun
In gestures

damper1 = regulador de tiro. 

Example: An open fireplace damper is like an open window, allowing huge amounts of heated air to escape.


» put + a damper on = estropear, echar a perder, arruinar, aguar, aguar la fiesta.

Example: Heavy and gusty storms will put a damper on the end of the weekend in parts of Texas.

damper2 = amortiguador. 

Example: These dampers are manufactured to have a minimum of two chambers, but could have more depending upon the size.

damper3 = sordina. 

Example: Of the three pedals found on most pianos, the pedal on the right lifts all the felt dampers above the strings, allowing them all to vibrate freely.
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